The use of light traps is a non-toxic and efficient method for controlling and monitoring flying insects. Its principle lies in the attraction of insects, made through a special UV lamp, causing the insects, to be glued inside the product in adhesive plates. These plates are disposable and easy to use, being replaced whenever necessary.

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Technical Specifications

  • Operating Area: until 20 m²
  • UV-A Lamps: 1 x 15 Watts
  • Consumption (KW/h): 0,0015
  • Glue boards (in): 6,10 x 17,71
  • Dimensions L x W x H (in): 19,09 x 5,90 x 7,28
  • Voltage: Bivolt
  • Structure: Galvanized Steel, with electrostatic paint.
  • Weight: 4,40 Lbs.