Spike is a product indicated to prevent the landing of pigeons and other types of birds on walls, roofs, balconies etc. It is formed by plastic base and tips in galvanized steel, the pigeons when in contact with the object, by landing on the eaves roofs or walls, giving it great discomfort, but it does not cause any damage or sequel in the animals.

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Technical Specifications

How to use:

  • The spike is made up of 4,72” high galvanized wire rods and unsharp tips. These rods are attached to a 3,93” long plastic base that will later be fixed with silicone or screwed in the chosen places. The plastic bases are injected in plastic with UV to withstand the action of the sun and rain, thus prolonging its duration and minimizing maintenance.


  • Keep out of the reach of pets and children.

Composition: Polypropylene and galvanized steel

Toxicology and Registration: Nontoxic and Product Registration Exempt

Packaging: 1 linear meter (11 Units)

Dimensions L x W x H (in): 0,60 x 3,93 x 4,52 (1 Unit)

Weight: 0,211 lbs

Validity: The product is a thermoplastic, so its useful life will vary with its location and proper use.